Hope for Kabondo

Halfway december 2005, a group of friends around journalist Annemie Struyf and photographer Lieve Blancquaert decided to start a foundation in order to gather funds for the purchase of a lot, the construction of an orphanage and the general costs for developing a local network in the area of Kabondo. They get in contact with Achieng Mgube. Since then, Hope for Kabondo is growing constantly.

Hope Home

The first orphan Achieng took under her wings was Newton. Since the beginning in 2005, Hope Home saved 84 babies.

Hope Academy

190 children (including the children of Hope Farm) are being schooled at the Hope Academy, which was established in 2007. At this moment there are three classes in preschool and eight classes in elementary school.

Hope Farm

Today, Hope for Kabondo has got of 10 cows, 12 pigs, 5 sheep, 5 goats, 100 chickens, 30 fish wells of 30 square meter each, 65,000 trees intended for selling, 100 mango trees, 90 orange trees and 100 avocado trees. Grains and vegetables are also being grown on the Hope Farm.


Since 2008, eight groups representing 200 families are being supported directly. This way, they can set up small projects and develop an income.

Since 2010, clothes are being made by Annick’s Boutique, a sewing shop and sewing school with a special focus on attention and care for young girls. The name of the workshop is a tribute to the murdered Annick Van Uytsel. She had a specific dream: building a sewing school in Africa.

On this sewing school, simple techniques are being taught with which the girls can make school uniforms and other clothes.


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